Umrah Day 5

The big day, wanting to spend our last moments in masjid Nabawwi before we left, many of us left very early to the masjid and doing things like praying tahajjud, reading Quran and making dua. After Duhur we returned to our rooms, put on our ihram garments and checked out of the hotel into the coach unto Mecca.

The coach ride was amazing as we spent it chanting the talbya over and over, doing dhikr, reading Quran and praising Allah. The vibe in it was perfect as we embarked onto Mecca. We stopped halfway for Asr and to get some food but after that, it was straight onto Mecca.

After we checked in, we made way to the haram to perform the most important part of our trip. We chanted the talbya over and over again. As we walked into the masjid, the talbya echoed and we were completely prepared. We prayed Isha and then walked to the Ka’aba; everyone starting at the floor and looking up at the same time and making our dua as we looked at the ka’aba. There were tears as we saw our religion in it’s purest and most beautiful form, no jealousy, no anger, no idleness, just love for Allah and love for the sake of Allah. We performed our umrah with assistance from the scholars, shaved our heads, and headed to bed knowing our lives have changed for the better. This trip cannot be described by simple words and is worth every penny, Yaseen Youth provide an experience nowhere else to be found and should be an investment made by every muslim reading this no matter where in life they are.