Official statement


Official statement regarding the closure of the Yaseen Youth Centre in Ujima House from the 15th December 2022 inshallah! May Allah give us something better.

Umrah Day 8


Praying Fajr in the Haram followed by a Qur’an halaqah with companions has surely been the best start to our day. After breakfast, we performed the Friday sunnan including a […]

Umrah Day 7


It was 12:00 AM as we decided to embark on a rocky journey to Cave Hira. The brightness of the moon served as a guiding torch for us, simply beautiful […]

Umrah Day 5

The big day, wanting to spend our last moments in masjid Nabawwi before we left, many of us left very early to the masjid and doing things like praying tahajjud, […]

Umrah Day 3

YYT UMRAH DAY3 Madina (best day so far and the longest so…) بسمالله! For the first time I walked to fajir alone and it was the most serene experience, I […]

Congrats on results day

As-salamu ‘Alaykum (السلام عليكم)   A momentous occasion regardless of your results. A chapter of your life comes to an end yet your journey as an adult has only commenced. […]

Umrah Day 2


Day 2 of this awe inducing journey, saw our first full encounter, the prologue that foundationed the love that we gained for this blessed, illuminated, peaceful city, madninah al Munawwarah. […]

Umrah Day 1

Day 1 Welcome to Madinah! Alhamdullilah, alhamdullilah, alhamdullilah! Despite the long journey, the YYT group overcame any struggles and safely arrived in our hotel in Madinah. Some people in the […]