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Are you passionate about making a positive impact in the lives our youth? Do you have skills to offer, from working directly with the youth, to admin support, to creative design, or any other particular expertise? Please fill out the form below and register your interest to join our growing family of volunteers.


Yaseen Youth have fantastic volunteer opportunities for Youth and adults.


“Help one another in acts of piety and righteousness. And do not assist each other in acts of sinfulness and transgression. And be aware of Allah. Verily, Allah is severe in punishment” (5:2)

Please find below some information on each different project you can get involved in.

1.    Yaseen Youth Tours

Would you like to be a senior supervisor for Yaseen Youth Umrah Tour?
Have you been volunteering for more than 12 months for Yaseen Youth?
Then, why not apply to join the Yaseen Youth Umrah Tour?
We run two groups across the year.
One in February and another in October/December

2.    Yaseen Youth Centre

Have you always wanted to get involved in Youth Work?
Are you currently based in London?
Then, why not apply to join some of the Yaseen Youth Centre roles.

Posts Available:

A)    Cleaner

B)    Prayers at the Yaseen Youth Centre (Friday, Ramadan)

C)    Admin Roles

D)    Youth Mentor

E)    Yaseen Youth Library

3.    Co-Operate 19

Have you always wanted to get involved in humanitarian work?
 Would you like to give back to the community?

Then, why not apply for a voluntary post within co-operate 19 to help make food packs, get involved with our soup kitchen, or our clothes bank.

4.    Yaseen Sports Foundation

Have you always had a keen interest in sports?
 Want to lead a career in coaching, or gain leadership skills?
 Then, why not apply to become a sports assistant and get involved in weekly football events, swimming, tennis, and many more sporting activities.

5.    Great Minds Project

Have you been interested in counselling? Do you want to have a career in psychology, psychiatry, or advice?
Are you a good listener and feel like you want to help others?
Then, why not apply to become an assistant within Great Minds and shadow a qualified professional.

6.    Youth Academy

Would you love to become an Islamic teacher? Or a teacher in any field?
  Would you like to gain experience in a new up and coming Islamic institute?
 Then, why not apply for a role within the youth academy and shadow qualified teachers with years of teaching experience.

7.    Fundraising Team

Do you have a natural ability to fundraise and raise money for a good cause?  Would you like to improve your communication skills and really go outside your comfort zone?
Then, why not apply to be part of the fundraising team to help sustain Yaseen Youth for the years to come.

8.    Marketing Team

Do you have a keen interest in marketing?
 Would you like to use your skills to help a grassroots organisation reach more youth in need?
Then, why not join the marketing team to help with social media posts, websites, leafleting and much more.



Why should you volunteer with Yaseen Youth?

So what are you waiting for, sign up now, and put a smile on someone’s face!


We are regularly looking for inspirational and passionate people as we launch new projects or grow our existing ones. If you are interested in joining the team in a formal capacity, please check back here periodically and apply for the role that suits you. We work hard to bring in the right people to help us inspire the youth and see them flourish, and are always exciting to see new members join our family!

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Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are looking for marketing opportunities and reaching our wide audience and mailing list of over 6,000, get in touch to discuss sponsorship packages. These range from printed material, to adverts on our big screens, banners, or stalls at our events.

Partner With Us

If you would like to partner with us in running an event or offering a course, please drop us a line to arrange a meeting. We are always keen to work with like-minded organizations and widen our offerings to maximize opportunities and benefit to the youth.

Help us keep running and growing by supporting our cause and donating towards the work of Yaseen Youth. Your incredible support has already helped us to achieve so much!