Our Story

Yaseen Youth is a non-profit organisation that was established in 2016 in the holy city of Madinah.

The organisation was formed by a team of youth workers, students of knowledge and professionals who, after many years of working with the Muslim youth of the UK, saw an ever-pressing need for their development, empowerment and education, with the vision of seeing them shape the future and play a critical role in rectifying the issues facing society.

After forming a small team, and with the help of Talbya Travels in London, we soon founded our first project; Yaseen Youth Tours, launching an annual ‘Youth Umrah’, which takes the youth on a spiritual journey of pilgrimage to Makkah and a visit to Madinah, all the while including a holistic youth development programme (consisting of fun activities, adventure, workshops and retreats). The journey serves as a catalyst to their education and empowerment, as well as forming unity and community spirit, mentor and mentee relationships, and building bonds that will hopefully last for decades to come, insha’Allah!

The first Youth Umrah trip took place in 2016 and has continued to take place annually since then, with approximately 1,000 people taking the journey with us by 2023. 

However, on the back of these trips, we saw the need to maintain our relationship and provide follow-up programmes to continue to help the youth, and cater to our local youth who haven’t yet been able to travel with us.

Thus, Yaseen Youth expanded into new services, projects and programmes, with the varying needs of our youth in mind.


Fast-forward to today and amongst our ongoing projects, by the will of Allah, we now have Great Minds, Co-Operate 19, the Yaseen Youth Centre, Yaseen Sports Foundation and the Yaseen Youth Academy – and we hope to continue to grow and cater to the needs of our youth!

“Cool! But why did you chose the name Yaseen?” I hear you ask… Play the video to find out!

Our Vision

“A world where every youth thrives.”


Imagine a world where every youth is proud of his/her identity, a world where every youth is an effective leader – leading himself/herself and others towards productivity and peace-building in society.

Imagine a world where the youth are empowered, nurtured, and engaged to fulfil their enormous potential, and where they reach their highest of aspirations.

Imagine a world where every youth is inspired, and imagine a world that is inspired by the youth.

At Yaseen Youth, we work towards making this vision a reality.

Our Values

Be Sincere

Be Proactive

Be Courageous

Be Proud Of Your Identity

Do The Right Thing

Aim For Jannah

The Yaseen Youth Family

Yaseen Youth Centre Board (Executive Management Committee)

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Admin Team

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