We aim to be the shapers of great minds and honorable values.

Yaseen Youth Academy is a brand new Islamic educational Institute located in Wembley, North West London, which started in September 2022.


About Us

The Academy provides an Islamic education to young male and female teenagers ranging from ages 11-16.

Subjects taught by qualified and experienced teachers include; Aqeedah, Fiqh, Tafseer, Hadith and many more. The Academy’s mission is to make learning the Arabic language, Qur’an and Islamic studies accessible to the Muslim youth in the local community in a way that is innovative, fun and approachable.

We welcome seekers of Islamic knowledge from all walks of life, with the aim of nurturing them to reach their full potential, and be the best Muslims they can possibly be.


Yaseen Youth Academy’s founders believe that using modern technology and cutting-edge educational tools is key to encouraging an appreciation of the Arabic language, Qur’an and Islamic studies for those who want to improve their character and draw nearer to Allah through study. The Academy aims to incorporate fun educational activities and trips to the curriculum to ensure students get the best of both theory and practical learning.


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The Campus


The Academy is situated in the heart of North West London.

We aim to provide a fun and halal environment for students to come and study the Deen of Al-Islam. Students can enjoy our entertainment facilities during breaks such as table tennis, pool and foosball. Our Centre boasts of being a place of worship through prayer & seeking knowledge, and a place to meet new brothers & sisters in Islam.



The Academy aims to teach the best available curriculum in each of our subjects; Arabic, Qur’an and Islamic studies. We understand the importance of each of these subjects, so it is equally important to get the best experienced and qualified teachers available to us to teach them. Our students will get a unique experience of learning the foundations of Al-Islam both theoretically and practically using fun and engaging methods.



The Academy will provide scholarships to our hardest-working & exceptional students to study in our Yaseen College for higher education which will open in the coming years insha’Allah. Our students will also be given special offers to participate in our Yaseen Youth Sports Foundation activities and take part in our recreational trips throughout the year at discounted rates.



Academy Hours

Every Saturday | 10am – 3pm








*Special offers for early registration



Contact Us

Email us: [email protected]

Follow us: @yaseenyouthacademy


Donate to Yaseen Youth Academy

Sponsor a student at the Yaseen Youth Academy to help him/her become a person who educates others and brings about benefit to the community. Can you imagine the reward for all of the good deeds that this will lead do?

“Whoever travels a path in search of knowledge, Allah will make easy for him a path to Paradise.”