We recognise the importance and many benefits of being physically active, especially when it comes to our youth. Aside from the obvious health benefits, a study carried out by The Sport Industry Research Centre shows those engaged in regular organised sports activities are significantly less likely to get involved in drugs and gangs, and up to 3 times more likely to graduate than non-athletes.

Furthermore, team sports are a perfect way to bring the youth together, have fun in a productive and healthy manner, all the while learning important life-lessons such as co-operation & teamwork, morals and manners, facing challenges, and so.

Hence the Yaseen Sports Foundation (YSF) was formed.

We are currently offering weekly BJJ, Muay Thai, swimming, football coaching and tournaments. We aim to expand to other activities in the near future.

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Why not sponsor football sessions, coaches, swimming classes, or tournaments?

Case Study:

Muhammad Tellia is a 16-year old attendee of the weekly YSF football coaching. He aims to be a successful football athlete in the future. Before being sponsored by the YSF, he felt like he was in the wrong environment with the wrong people. Muhammad now feels like he has found a more fulfilling purpose by pursuing his footballing ambition. “I feel like the coaching sessions have changed my life for the better and helping me achieve my dreams”. Help us support more youth like Muhammad Tellia.

“Your body has a right over you”