Umrah Day 1

Day 1 Welcome to Madinah!

Alhamdullilah, alhamdullilah, alhamdullilah! Despite the long journey, the YYT group overcame any struggles and safely arrived in our hotel in Madinah. Some people in the group had seen the Masjid An- Nabawi for the first time and instantly, they were locked in and didn’t want to leave!

After we set up all the essential apps we needed for Saudi, we had a chance to check out our hotel and pray at the Masjid An- Nabawi. The masjid was mind blowing, it really opened my eyes to the true beauty of the mosque rather than seeing it digitally. I admired every detail, thanking Allah for allowing me and giving me the opportunity to embark on this trip with the Yaseen Youth.

It was then time for Isha’ and we were informed we would be having a garden night in Mount Uhud with a dinner! After everyone had prayed, we boarded the bus and was given a short tour during the ride by our Sheikh Asif Uddin.

When we arrived to the beautiful Mountain Uhud, we were greeted by a family of kittens who resided in the tall, historical landmarks of Madinah. We then had an icebreaker between the brothers and laughed over the funny stories shared, alhamdullilah, we already gained trust between the brothers.

Following the Ice Breaker, our beloved Imam Abdul-Sattar recited some Quran for us to remind us of the Islamic aspect of the Mountains. We then had a lecture on Mount Uhud and some of the stories and the battles that took place on Mount Uhud. Some of the stories really hit me, especially the fact that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was at these mountains himself, it made me rethink the importance and severity of Mount Uhud to the Ummah of today.

We then ended the night with a feast of Chicken, Rice and Potatoes. It was truly an amazing way to end the night as we feasted with the brothers, and at those little circles during eating, we strengthened many of our friendship bonds during that experience.                                        

I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to go Umrah and allowing me to complete day 1.

Written by Edin, 14 years old.