Umrah Day 8

Praying Fajr in the Haram followed by a Qur’an halaqah with companions has surely been the best start to our day. After breakfast, we performed the Friday sunnan including a ghusl and trimming our nails, ready to spend our first jummah in the Haram where one prayer is better than 100,000 prayers elsewhere. We arrived early to the masjid as encouraged by our Prophet (صل الله عليه و سلم) so we could maximise our ibadah while we eagerly waited for the khutbah to start.

Alhamdulillah we all loved the khutbah by Sheikh Bandar Baleelah. His recitation was soothing to the soul and makes you never want to leave. We were then sent a message that we have another villa night in the evening which brought an abundance of smiles as we all loved the previous villa night. But the good news didn’t stop there. We were told that Sheikh Mansour Al-Salami AND Sheikh Badr Al Mutairi would be joining us so we all knew that this would be the best night.

The villa vibes were unmatched. It was HUGE with a few pools and football pitches. I wouldn’t mind living there forever especially with Yaseen Youth and the shuyookh.

We had some reminders from the two shuyookh, including Sheikh Mansours beautiful advice to the sisters and Sheikh Badrs advice regarding having good companions who encourage you to do khayr, which is exactly what we have at Yaseen Youth. One of the most beautiful reminders was on the virtues of Ayat ul Kursi and Allahs dominion. Coupled with a melodious nasheed by Sheikh Mansoor, we enjoyed some laughter with the two shuyookh including a game where some of the brothers competed against eachother. But I think everyone can agree that the highlight of our night was watching Sheikh Mansour do his kickups. Yes, you read that right- Sheikh Mansour Al Salimi did some kickups for us in one of the football pitches from the villa and even planned that at our next reunion we will have a football match. May Allah reunite us in this world and the next. May Allah bless our shuyookh. May Allah bless the Yaseen Youth organisation for this opportunity. Allahumma ameen ya rabb.