Umrah Day 3


(best day so far and the longest so…)


For the first time I walked to fajir alone and it was the most serene experience, I finally believed and took in that I really am in the prophets city.

After we had some rest it was time for the sisters vip breakfast it was very nice to say the least and we all enjoyed it.

Right after, we had horse riding (which was optional) me and the sisters that went all loved it ,there’s just something about riding a horse If u get it u get it We also done go carting straight after, the adrenaline was real!

As sisters we really bonded over these activity’s more than I thought we could.

We then got back to base and went to spend our free time in the masjid bonding over thikr & Quran. Wallah it was beautiful we really felt that pure sisterhood today!

Could YYT make our day even better?  Yes!


Later on after some chilling time and some reminders from our quran teacher.

It was time for the main event

An evening with the scholars and duaats!!

It was so beneficial and so inspiring to listen to the story’s and reminders

May Allah grant all the speakers firdous Ala3la

I felt most touched by Sheikh Abdullah Alshinqitee, even if you had no idea who he was (like me sadly), the way he carries himself so humbly and the reaction from people when he walked in. You would completely understand, that this is a righteous man whom Allah loves.

He reminded me so much of when Aisha(ra) said the prophet was a walking Quran.

And If he is anything, he is a walking representation of the teaching of Quran. And that really is majestic and shows the majesty of Allah and Islam

The day was ending, we were all in our coach, everyone tired and sleepy then Sheikh Khalid Afifi came in and said something so short and sweet. And so personal to us. May Allah preserve him and grant him firdous ala’la

“You (the ones doing Umrah and Hajj) are the guest of ARahman and when you call upon him he will respond to you, so make sure you make the most of your time as the guests of Allah”